Sunday, March 2, 2014

We're Here!

Molly's view as they travel to Alabama!

We are here!
 Pictured are Morgan, Amy & Marissa in Alabama! (stolen from Amy's FB page)

We drove into the parking lot at Henryville UMC at 4:00 PM Central Time. Pastor Marvin McCormick and his wife Kim were there to greet us with welcoming smiles and big hugs! In some ways it felt as if we were home again.

The day started out with everyone arriving at Farmville UMC parking lot at 6:00 AM. After greeting all and getting packed up and our first full team picture we loaded up and headed out at 6:30 AM. In preparing for this mission I had driven this trip many times in my head. It was a fun filled and uneventful trip. Except for one person missing the turn for the rest stop. Which was OK since the other vehicle went and met them down the road. Much laughter, music and stories were shared by all. Molly and Marissa kept up some chatter on the walkie talkies with their trivia and fun facts about Tennessee. Our stops were at the Shell station near Daleville, the welcome center at the Tennessee line and the truck stop at exit 369 in Farragut, TN. One of the highlights of the trip down was to watch the cell phone time change when we crossed into the Central time zone!

Once we got to Henryville UMC we unloaded then started the arduous decision of where to eat dinner.  After much debate and riding around Guntersville we located a Cracker Barrel. Most folks got breakfast. I guess they are planning on sleeping though breakfast tomorrow so they would eat it now. 

I lead the devotion tonight. It was based on John 13 where Jesus washes the disciples’ feet. I explained that I learned about this growing up in the Church of the Brethren. I shared that we are all servants. We are here to serve the people of Guntersville and Marshall County as well as each other. It was a moving time to see each team member kneel down to wash each others feet.

We are all pretty tired yet very excited about this week and what God holds in store for us. We are praying for all back home and we thank you for your prayers for us. We thank all that wrote us notes and have provided us with an abundance of snacks. We miss you all!

I hope to write more tomorrow after we have visited the homes we are to work on. Good night and may God bless!

Insert from Jenn Kinne:  I saw this post on Facebook Yesterday and thought it was the cutest!  "Well, it's now 2:40 for the second time today! Central time zone. We're quite amused. We're almost in Alabama!" ~Amy Moore

In Christ,

PS: Richard, we will try and save you some GORP!

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