Sunday, March 9, 2014

They're Back!

 The Mission Team on the Final Day!
 The House Crew
The Roofing Crew
The least of these.

Well it is our last night at Henryville UMC. What a week it has been. At
tonight's final team meeting we cried (a lot) and laughed about the week and
our experiences. Each had a chance to share their thoughts on a question I
asked earlier in the week. If someone were to ask you why did you go on the
Spring Break mission trip, what would you say? Everyone paused to reflect on
their thoughts. Some shared that they were blessed and wanted to return
those blessings to others. Some said they felt a call to help others while
others said they felt closest to God when they were serving. Others said
that the mission was a shelter from storms and trials in their life. We
talked about serving the least in this community. Rich's devotion was from
Matthew 25:31-46. We talked about how we are called to serve all in every
way that we can.

We are scheduled to pull out of here on Saturday morning around 5:30. So
this email blast will be short. My hope is to do a more detailed one to wrap
up the week once we have returned.

We finished up working at both houses. The attached pictures are of Kathy
and the roofing team and then Carla & Jackie and the house crew. It was a
beautiful day for working. The other picture is the entire team.

This evening we were served dinner by members of Henryville UMC. We ate and
talked and laughed and shared stories on each other for several hours. We
will truly miss the warmth and fellowship of this community of believers
when we have gone.

The week has gone by quickly. Last Saturday I said that an invitation had
been sent out to all on this mission and all that are here answered that
call. While this mission ends our journey into a deeper faith life is just
beginning. Thank you all for coming along with us on this part of our
journey. Good night and may God bless!

See you soon,

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  1. Thank you for sharing your week of inspiration. Looking forward to welcoming you back...until your next mission!