Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pick'em up and putting them down- Alabama Tuesday

Pick'em up and putting them down.

Tuesdays are when things start happening and today was no exception. The air
mattress is getting a little easier to live with but it's still an air
mattress. A little more stiffness in the neck and shoulders than I remember
yesterday morning. We were blessed at breakfast by an egg, sausage, and
cheese casserole that someone from Henryville UMC left us last night. God
bless you! Most of it was devoured rapidly.

It was cooler today than expected. Everyone was pretty well bundled up but
the coldness still got to some later on. We got out to the job site around
8:45. Billy and Kathy's trailer. Now they have several trailers but live in
the second one off the road. The others are used mainly for storage of old
computers that Billy like to tinker with. The outside crew main task was to
remove the thorn bushes that have grown up around and into the trailers.
Yes, into the walls of the trailers. This task required one person to cut
the bush while the other held it and dragged it to a tarp to be hauled to
the brush pile. There were also several trees that were growing beside the
trailers. Now to make it a little more interesting there were wires and
cables all over the ground. These wires were for the power, the phone and
the satellite dish. We weren't real sure which ones were active and which
ones weren't. The outside crew had on several layers to help keep the briars
away as well as leather gloves. It was 8 of us outside. 3 team members got a
quick lesson in how to operate a chain saw safely and did some cutting up of
several trees and stumps. All got to wear the chaps and hearing protectors.
We lost count of how many tarps we dragged to the pile. By the end of the
day all were glad to see that there were no more briars around or in the
trailers. Of course there were several in our hands.

The inside crew had the more complex task of hooking up a portable washing
machine as well as working with the plumbing in a sink and toilet. Many
trips were taken between the trailer and the water cut off valve near the
road. While we were cleaning brush in between the trailers we heard a
whooshing sound followed by some screams then a cascade of water flowing
from under the trailer and near the outer wall. A fitting that had been
glued had come loose. Needless to say there were some anxious moments
inside. Fortunately Marisa Hume had just moved from the spot that the water
flowed out of. After a bit of re-gluing and adjustments all seems to be
running well.

Tonight the team decided to do a pancake supper since we wouldn't be in
Farmville to celebrate Shrove Tuesday with Farmville UMC. Unfortunately the
weather caused Farmville UMC to cancel their pancake supper but ours went
off without a hitch. Rich and I cooked pancakes, apples and linked sausage.
Pastor Marvin and his wife Kim were able to join us. It was great fun and
fellowship by all.

After dinner we needed to get a few supplies plus the team members wanted to
get some items from Wal-Mart to help get them through the week. So we loaded
up the team in one of Henryville UMC's 15 passenger vans and headed into
town. Now if you think Farmville's Wal-Mart has a lot of Virginia Tech stuff
you haven't experienced fan craziness until you see all of the Crimson Tide
stuff at a Wal-Mart down here. Of course everybody got a little something to
bring back with them. We even had time to stop off at a Hibbett's sporting
goods to check out their sales. A few more dollars were added to the local

Once we returned it was time for our nightly devotion and team meeting.
Marissa Stewart had tonight's devotion. She read from Colossians 3:15-17.
She then talked about the needs in our land, hunger, racial strife,
homelessness, poverty, etc. and how we can make a change in those areas. In
the team meeting part I asked all a question that I wanted them to think
about but not give me an answer just yet. I would ask the same question on
Friday as we wrap up. I'll let you know what the question is then and what
their answers are.

We also discussed Wednesday's schedule. Now Wednesdays are usually your easy
day. Maybe a half day work and then relaxing. Well down here they do an
after school program with the local kids. The school buses drop the kids off
or they are picked up and then they are helped with their homework and or
have play time. Afterwards it's a time of fellowship and a meal followed by
an evening activity. Well tomorrow night is Ash Wednesday. So we have been
invited to participate in the Ash Wednesday worship service. Not only does
Pastor Marvin to the imposition of ashes but he also has communion. Rich
will be assisting Pastor Marvin and 4 students (Marisa Hume, Ford Behne,
Parker Kelly and Marissa Stewart) will also be assisting. We are looking
forward to this worship experience.

It must have been a rougher day today because all have gone to bed earlier.
Usually some will be talking as I wrap this up but not tonight. I must admit
I'm a bit more tired as well. I hope to have more time tomorrow night to go
into more detail about the homeowners and the worship service experience. As
always we are praying for our loved ones back home. You are never out of our
thoughts. Thanks to all for the continued prayers. Good night and may God

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