Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ready to go

I am packed and ready to go.  I will be carrying two army duffle bags full of flipflops from Memorial UMC in Appomattox that will be used for our medical mission team in November.  Stuffed in between the shoes are fifteen bottles of bubbles which are great respiratory therapy for kids, as well as bus wench replacement parts.  Strange conglomeration of things for sure.  But all needed.
My personal things go into two carry on bags, a little suitcase and a back pack.  Aren't you proud?  Of course in the back pack is my spanish book.  Figured I could get the children to help me with more spanish.  If you want to see more photos and information about what has gone on this week, go to or if you are on facebook.
I appreciate prayers as I fly from Richmond to Miami and then on to San Pedro Sula on Saturday morning.  Will be the first time I have gone through Honduran customs by myself.
  This is Mayra after her open heart surgery yesterday. 
 Here is Nurse Pascuala doing morning devotions with some of the children and their parents about the parable of the sower.  She totally rocks!!

So a little taste of what is happening in Honduras before I get there.  Looking forward to sharing more with you all.

One child at a time,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting Ready

So here is my, and Farmville UMC's, first efforts on the new mission blog.  I hope I can keep everyone informed about what is going on my trip to Honduras this coming week.  I leave Saturday (Oct 2) at 7:25am from Richmond.  Will arrive in San Pedro Sula at 12:45p their time (two hours difference).  This trip is with the Cardiac Surgery Team from the Friends of Barnabas Foundation.  There will be 35 team members from all over the US.  The team will be performing 17 open heart surgeries and 40-50 cardiac caths in a 9 day period of time.
My job is to help care for these children when they leave the hospital and return to the Friends of Barnabas compound in Pena Blanca.  Really excited about playing, teaching and helping these children recover in a wonderful place of healing.  The children, and their parents, will stay at the FOBF compound until they are fully recouperated.
Serving the childern

Barnabas House Complex

The really cool thing about the cardiac surgery teams from FOBF is that they are the only people doing cardiac surgery in Honduras.  Children are referred from all over Honduras as well as neighboring countries.  FOBF is well known for its service to and great care of the children of Honduras.
So that is a little background before I leave.  Will try my best to get a post out each day.  It is the rainy season there, so sometimes internet connections are a little iffy. 
Thanks for your prayers for the children having surgery, their families as they wait, and the nurses and doctors caring for them.  Talk to you soon as I can!
One child at a time,
Patti Wagner

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Farmville United Methodist Church is responsible for staffing USDA FACES (Farmville Area Community Emergency Services)on the 4th Saturday of each month.  The reason it is designated "USDA" is because the food on this particular weekend comes directly from the government.  When we get food from the government we never know what we are getting until it arrives.  On the other Saturdays the food comes from local sources.  Food items vary each weekend.  Once in a while FACES will have meat to hand out.  Most often the food FACES provides is canned food, bagged and boxed food.

When it is FUMC's weekend to work FACES, we need 6-8 hard working folks to volunteer.  The work consists of filling bags with groceries for local families in need.  We also carry groceries to cars for people.  

There are other ways to help with FACES if your schedule will not allow you to physically join us on the 4th Saturday.  We have a FACES closet here at the church.  You can bring your non-perishable food items to the Church and we will deliver it to FACES.  However, monetary donations go further than if you were to purchase food yourself.  Our FACES leader has the ability to purchase food for FACES at  .25cents a pound.  Donations for FACES can be brought to the Church office or placed in the offering plate on Sundays.  Be sure to put FACES in the memo line on your generous donations!

If you are looking for a rewarding local mission, FACES is a great place to start!  Contact April McBride for more information :  434.391.9905
Also visit